About Us

The company was established in 1923 as part of the technological program of the "Springer-Moeller" company from Leipzig Germany.

In the year 1948, it was merged with "Perunika" Zagreb, into a single entity. It became part of Chromos Zagreb in 1978.

Since 1993, the company was owned by a set of small shareholders. As of 2001, "Palić Inženjering d.o.o." Zagreb became the principal shareholder of the company. As of 2021. "Palić Inženjering d.o.o." became full owner of the company.

In terms of graphic ink and pigments dispersion production, CHROMOS is a market leader in Croatia.

The vaste product range is a direct result of research conducted by experts in Chromos laboratories. In fact, every year the comapny develops new products based on the internal "know-how".

Chromos also pays special attention to raw materials, semi-processed, as well as final products quality control. A set of experts oversees the production, in order to verify the conditions that lead to issuance of quality certificates.

The company takes due care of enviromental issues, advocating for a "clean" production process including the use of least polluting raw materials, designing final products in a way that maximizes the use of resources, while minimizing any type of waste.


CHROMOS d.o.o.:

CHROMOS d.o.o., is a manufacturing company producing all kinds of graphic (printing) ink, inks for screen printing, paints, paints for road marking, varnishes, adhesives, thinners and special products.


CHROMOS MB d.o.o., is a manufacturing company producing pigments dispersions (Masterbatch) for colouring PO, PS and pastes for PO, PS, PVC, ABS and rubber.

Both companies are based in Samobor (Croatia) on two locations: Zagrebačka 30 (25.000 m2) and N. Š. Zrinjskog b.b. (85.000 m2) - at only 25 km of distance from Zagreb, the Croatian capital.

The management of the whole production chain is based on ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Chromos is looking forward to continuing its efforts in the exciting European environment.

Chromos MB d.o.o.

Chromos MB d.o.o. registered at the commercial court in Zagreb, Croatia, under no.: 080662476. The share capital is: 7.019.200,00 kn. Management: Tatjana Šeremet, general manager.
Bank Accounts: IBAN HR8823400091110344162, at PBZ bank.

Chromos d.o.o.

Chromos d.o.o. registered at the commercial court in Zagreb, Croatia, under no.: 080000071. The share capital is: 13.238.400,00 kn, fully paid. Management: Mato Palić, general manager.
Bank Accounts: IBAN HR5323400091110185712, at PBZ bank // IBAN HR8424030091120001094, at Samoborska banka // IBAN HR9625000091101012546, at Addiko bank.